Borough Office
3540 St Lawrence Ave
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  1. Single Stream - no need to separate items
  2. Unlimited quantities
  3. Place curbside by 6 AM in a lidded container (trash hauler is not responsible for cleaning up recyclables blown around the neighborhood)
  4. Please separate your trash containers from your recycling containers by a foot or more (do not mix at the curb)
  5. If your can does not have a recycling symbol, recycling stickers are available at no charge at the Borough office, please stop in at Borough hall, call the office or leave a message.  If you are not able to stop, we will deliver the stickers to you.
  6. Please break down (flatten) cardboard boxes





Residential curbside recycling is collected weekly on a Tuesday, unless a change is noted for a Holiday.

​​​Berks County, Pennsylvania

  • greasy pizza boxes - PLACE IN THE TRASH
  • used paper towels - are trash
  • hardback books, furniture, working small appliances and clothing can be donated at Goodwill (across from the Shopping Center)

Please Recycle the following items:

  • All numbered plastics except for styrofoam and plastic bags.  Plastic grocery bags may be returned to any of the major chain grocery stores in the county (Redner's, Weis, Giant, etc.)
  • Newspapers and telephone books
  • Junk Mail
  • Computer paper, office paper, and gift wrap
  • Magazines and paperback books
  • brown paper bags
  • cardboard, chipboard (cereal and cake boxes) and carrier stock ( soda and beer can carrying cases)
  • food grade glass bottles and jars (please rinse)
  • aluminum, bi-metal, steel and tin cans (please rinse out cans)
  • clean aluminum trays and foil

Borough of St. Lawrence