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Borough of St. Lawrence


Post-Construction Stormwater Management in

New Development and Redevelopment

As areas are developed, the amount of paved surfaces increase leading to an increase in stormwater volume and pollutants, which can harm lakes, rivers, streams, and coastal areas.

The best way to mitigate stormwater impacts from new development is to use practices that treat, store, and infiltrate runoff onsite before it can affect water bodies downstream. Innovative site designs that reduce paved surfaces, or imperviousness, and other green infrastructure practices are excellent ways to reduce flows and improve water quality.

Phase II MS4s are required to address post-construction stormwater runoff from new development and redevelopments that disturb one or more acres. This primarily includes developing:

·                     strategies to implement a combination of structural and non-structural BMPs,

·                     an ordinance to address post-construction runoff, and

·                     a program to ensure adequate long-term operation and maintenance of BMPs.